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Thoughts that keep me up at night #1

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As I’m writing this, it is Sunday evening and as usual, I am finding it very difficult to sleep. The New York lights shining through my bedroom window definitely does not help me in anyway. New York City definitely needs a light curfew - at least until we're running completely off of renewable energy (it's the least we could do for the environment, right?). Speaking of environment, I wonder what plans the city has for rising sea waters. I remember Hurricane Sandy really put a dent into Manhattan back in 2012. According to MIT, the city is looking at building a U shaped wall around lower Manhattan; leaving Queens and Brooklyn low and wet - the opposite of high and dry. I wouldn't have expected anything less to be honest. Those Wall Street folks will need to get their heads out of the water since they don't have gills like the rest of us common folk.

city is in dire need of infrastructure improvement as well. The subways are incredibly filthy, car lanes are flooded (figuratively and literally speaking) and housing prices have skyrocketed in the last ten years (see zillow for actual prices). Hopefully, in the next ten years, we see a dramatic improvement in the quality of life for a majority of inhabitants and not just the top few percent.

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