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I know we all saw Joe Biden accidentally call Bernie Sanders “Vladimir Putin” right? Let’s all relish in that memory for a second.

Today’s post is gonna be short spurts of different news.

In today’s post:

  1. Climate News - UK’s finally using more power from renewable sources than fossil fuel sources

  2. Hong Kong News - Hong Kongers burn Lebron's jersey

  3. Brexit News - Has Boris done it?

Climate News

For the past three months, the UK got 40% of its energy from renewable sources, 39% from fossil fuels, and the remaining 21% from nuclear. That’s a renewable source majority by 1%! It’s a win that I am willing to take and we’ve got the offshore wind power industry to thank. Wind power production is expected to quadruple by 2030. Albeit, 12% of the 40% is from biomass and you all know about how more more carbon emissions come from biomass than fossil fuels right?

Now the question is, how will the most polluting countries (China, India, USA) get to this point?

Hong Kong News

In recent Hong Kong news, Hong Kongers did not take it lightly when Lebron made it clear that he was standing up for money and took to burning and trampling his jersey. I guess they don’t understand how expensive avocado toast is here in the States. ESPN commentator, Max Kellerman, also called Lebron James a sell out, take a look:

That was impressive from Max, huh?

Brexit News

T-14 days until the big Brexit day. Boris Johnson could be announcing a draft text of an agreement some time today. If Downing street does end up accepting this agreement, how would the public now take to it?