Hong Kong's message to Trump

The bigly plea for hope

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Hong Kong protesters have been at it for 14 weeks or 98 days straight now (for comparison, the U.S. government shutdown late last year for 35 days). These passionate citizens have been protesting the withdrawal of the Fugitives Offenders Bill or the Hong Kong Extradition Bill and what this piece of legislation sells is the inclusion of China in the current mechanism that transfers fugitives or criminals to other countries. This would allow China to potentially send any Chinese government opposition persons that are residing in Hong Kong to their infamous re-education camps.

Late last week, protesters began appealing to Trump for Washington’s support. Protestors waved the American flag and sang the star spangled banner while requesting for the passing of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019.

In short, this act would cancel trading privileges with Hong Kong should it be determined that Hong Kong has no operating autonomy from China. Since Hong Kong has strategic economic value to China, this act would incentivize China to back off.

Times in Hong Kong still appear bleak but I foresee a positive future. I am continuously hoping the best for Hong Kong as anything that happens will set precedence for what will be coming for Taiwan, another China territory and my home country.

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