Zuck talks free speech, Brexit updates, and Trump negotiates with Erdogan?

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I’m sure we all can’t wait to listen to Zuckerberg’s speech on free speech later today at 10AM PST or 1PM EST. So until then, here’s what I got for you today:

  1. Hong Kong Updates

  2. Trump’s negotiation tactics with Turkey

  3. Brexit Updates

Hong Kong Updates

Norwegian politician Guri Melby nominated Hong Kongers for the Nobel Peace Prize 2020 for their courage and tenacity in standing up for democracy. And it’s true. Currently, Hong Kongers are the beacon for democratic values in the East Asian region. But the protest demonstrations are getting a lot more hostile. Take a look at what’s been going on this week.

  1. Yesterday, a HK civil rights leader Jimmy Sham was beaten by 5 assailants with knives and hammers.

  2. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam was driven out of the annual policy address by pro-democracy lawmakers.

  3. A police officer was stabbed by protesters

In brighter news, the House passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act baton over to the Senate. The Act will allow the US to essentially audit Hong Kong to see if they are operating with autonomy from China or as conservatives may call it, meddling where we shouldn’t be in.

Trump’s negotiation tactics with Turkey

When I first heard about Trump pulling troops out for Kurdistan, I had to ask: we were occupying Kurdistan? So I had to do some research and this is what I came up with: the US has backstabbed the Kurds a bunch of times in the past. For those of you unfamiliar with the origins of the US-Kurdistan relationship (I certainly was), that link will do a great job of explaining that for me. And in light of this announcement, Turkey President Erdogan sent troops to invade the northern Syrian border.

Now, I don’t like to mention Trump anymore in my newsletters but I absolutely had to share this leaked letter (plea is more like it) from Trump to Erdogan

Somehow, I’m not buying that a President that has contracted the mafia to threaten and murder political rivals will take this letter to heart. But here’s to waiting for the phone call transcript.

Brexit Updates

No agreement had been made yesterday on Brexit. Boris Johnson only has 2 more days to formalize an agreement before he has to ask the EU for an extension (according to the Benn Act - which requires a Prime Minister to seek a three month Article 50 extension if no deal is reached by Oct 19th).

I will also be covering Brexit updates until then so stay tuned and follow my twitter for updates!