Tim Cook becomes a chairman of a Chinese University, Parliament set to vote on Brexit Deal

Tuesday News

In this post:

  1. Tim Cook becomes chairman of a Chinese University

  2. Parliament set to vote on Brexit Deal

  3. Justin Trudeau wins second term

Apple of the eye

In a recent announcement, Tsinghua University’s school of Management and Economics made Tim Cook the new chairman of the Advisory Board. For the next three years, Mr. Cook will be responsible for promoting the school and making it a world class economics school. Basically, making it Apple University. Apple has been under fire lately for bending over to Chinese requests such as removing the Taiwan flag emoji from their phones in Asia and removing a police tracking app.

Boris is losing it

This past Saturday, under the Benn Act, Boris Johnson reluctantly wrote a letter to the EU requesting for a three month Brexit extension. However, he also urged EU leaders to not give this request much consideration as his plan is to still take the UK out of the EU on Oct 31st “do or die”. Later today, House of Commons will be voting on Johnson’s current deal proposal.

The man that Canada needs

Justin Trudeau secured his second term as PM yesterday as Canadian broadcasters announced that a Liberals had won 158 seats and a minority government (a minority government means that the Liberals would have to work with another party in order to govern). While news on which party that would mean remains in the dark, it’s very likely that the Liberals will not collaborate with the Conservatives as they have constantly been attacking Trudeau’s leadership and such a collaboration would not be progressive.