The man Hong Kong deserves, and Shaq dunks on China

Thursday News

It’s Thursday, the end of a long week of fun news updates. So before you go off to prepare yourself for College Football weekend, here’s the scoop:

  1. Owner of a cafe that was attacked by four masked men vows to continue to serve protesters

  2. Shaq defends Daryl Morey on freedom of expression

The man Hong Kong deserves

Earlier today, a cafe that is known to feed and take care of Hong Kong protesters was attacked by four masked men. The criminals cost the business of upwards $12,000 worth of property damage but the owner of the cafe remains true to offering free meals to Hong Kong protesters as he expects the attacks will continue to come anyway. It’s always great to know that there are businesses out there that actually care about the community that they serve in and not see them as a dollar figure.

Shaq defends Morey on Hong Kong tweet

In a surprisingly awesome turn of events, Shaq defends Morey on his freedom of expression and puts LeBron on blast. The four time NBA champion made it clear that the US and China have different political and social views and each are allowed to express their freedoms in their own ways.