Organic food is worse for the environment & Elon donates 1 million trees

Thursday News

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Boy, do I got some news for you guys today. Here’s the scoop:

  1. Elon Musk evolves into Treelon (donates 1 million trees)

  2. Organic food is actually worse for the environment

Lord of the Tree Rings

Elon Musk (AKA Treelon on Twitter)

just donated 1 million dollars to the #TeamTrees cause. That’s 1 million trees! #Teamtrees surpassed 10 million trees yesterday in just four days. Want to be a part of the movement? Check it out @

Pièce de résistance - Organic farming is worse for the environment

Although some research suggests that organic foods may be a tad healthier for you, the practice itself is worse for the environment. A recent study showed that if all of England and Wales converted to organic farming practices, it would cut direct greenhouse emissions of livestock by 5% and crop growing by 20%. However, it would slash food yield, increase land use from 16% to 33%, and Britons would have to rely on importing foods in order to meet their growing hunger demand. Overall, carbon emissions would increase by 21%! On average, a non-organic farm produces 40% more yield than its organic counterpart. This is because organic farms need much more land in order to grow foods, they need to rotate crops (like soy beans) that will inject nitrogen into the soil, and organic animals take a longer time to plump up.

So if we’re looking to become a greener society, we have to develop better sustainable farming practices. We have to develop practices that wouldn’t rely on using more land for agriculture and new methods like plant probiotics that will produce more nitrogen rich soil.