Brexit extended until Jan 31st & #TeamTrees

Tuesday News

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It’s time to get down, plant some trees, and leave the economic panicking until Jan 31st.

Here’s the scoop:

  1. Boris Johnson formally accepts EU’s extension offer until Jan 31st, 2020

  2. How #TeamTrees is going to plant 20 million trees

Shut up and take the extension!

Yesterday, Boris Johnson reluctantly accepted the EU’s offer of delaying Brexit until Jan 31st, 2020. The hard headed British PM had always been set on the Oct 31st deadline even if it meant a no deal Brexit. Unfortunately for Johnson, he doesn’t have unlimited power unlike a certain other politician.

Johnson found more resistance his way when less than two thirds of Parliament agreed to a general election on Dec 12th. The general election could’ve allowed Johnson to get the votes he would need to “get Brexit” done. However, the latest polls suggest that 44% of UK citizens would prefer to remain in the EU while 41% would prefer to leave, and the remaining 15% not knowing what to do.


For the past couple of days, #TeamTrees has been trending on Twitter and Youtube. This is because a couple of extremely popular youtubers (MrBeast & Mark Rober) came together to do something about climate change - planting trees. The premise is simple - for every $1 donated, a tree will be planted. In about 3 days time, they raised over 6 million dollars. Over 6 million trees to be planted! As to how they will do that? Mark Rober explains it here:

If you feel like helping, here’s the link!