Brexit Wars I

The Johnson Menace

If you’ve been keeping up with the Brexit news lately, you would know that UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, lost majority government when former Tory MP Phillip Lee crossed the Parliament floor and will get the UK out of the EU “no ifs or buts”.

This Johnson has a mind of his own!

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The potential short term effects of a “no deal” Brexit are incredibly uncertain. Long term, economists unanimously agree that Brexit will reduce UK's income per capita between 1-10% and economic growth would be slowed by up to 2-8% (these numbers will depend on a hard or soft Brexit). However, what is certain is that credible academic studies have shown that since the 2016 Referendum, the UK has seen reduced international trade, European investment and business employment.

In light of all this, Mr. Johnson insists on sticking with his guns and claims that the threat of simply walking away is enough to negotiate a better deal than Theresa May did…by Oct 31 or more colloquially renowned as “Halloween”. The world’s economy could potentially make a turn for the worse and that will make Halloween 2019 a memorable one.

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