Brexit Wars III

Revenge of the Luxembourg PM

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Revoke the Article 50 notification!

Last week, UK’s Lib Dems launched a plan to kill Brexit. A motion to revoke the Article 50 notification was approved by party delegates as well as a message to all that if they win the next general election, they would cancel Brexit. I’m not sure how useful that comment would be since the next general election is to be held in May of 2022 and doesn’t say much to me as Boris Johnson remains set on getting the UK out of the EU by the Oct 31st milestone - deal or no deal.

Boris Johnson recently compared the UK to the Incredible Hulk. However, it seemed like the Incredible Hulk was a no show at a press meeting with Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. Left alone and possibly extremely disappointed, Xavier Bettel went off on the British government and Johnson’s handling of the Brexit situation. Xavier’s comments was found to be in poor taste by Sir Nicholas Somes, a pro-EU advocate, who criticized the Luxembourg PM’s comments as “very poor behavior”. Xavier’s venting could very well lessen the possibility that a deal could be reached between the UK and EU.