Brexit Wars II

Blocking the No-Deal Brexit

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Last week, Jo Johnson - Boris Johnson’s younger brother and Tory MP - quit Parliament. Jo, the more academically successful says there is no family feud and his decision to quit is not meant to be a stab at his brother. Unfortunately for me, that was not the answer I was looking for as I was hoping for more of a fight.

No Deal, Johnson!

Boris Johnson has been on fire these past couple of weeks. Not the good kind of fire like Stephen Curry on a good night, more like the kind where you are being burned by the media and insulted by civilians on the street.

To add insult to injury, the Queen just gave the final approval for the Benn Bill, a bill that would make a No-Deal Brexit illegal. Recent polls showed that half of conservative voters actually want Johnson to break the law and not request an extension if a deal is not reached. So unless Johnson is the Senate, we have a likely sign that Brexit will be delayed again if the UK and EU do not reach a deal by Oct 31st.

The Good News

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This is good news for those of us that did not want to see the UK abruptly leave the EU with no deal and we now know that a deal with be agreed upon eventually. When? We don’t know but at least we do know that a No-Deal Brexit is much more unlikely now.

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