A look back: 346 people died for the rich to get richer

Reflecting on the Boeing 737 Max crashes

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In light of some of the news I normally talk about getting a bit dry, I am going to rant a little on the 737 Max accidents that happened earlier this year.

Today, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg was grilled by Congress for not adequately communicating the MCAS and setting pilots up to fail. A little background on this for those of you that are unfamiliar: Boeing’s managerial staff emphasized profits over safety when it came to the 737 Max design and 346 people died as a result of that. Three hundred and forty six. I want us all to let that sink in for a moment.

Boeing’s managerial staff made a conscious decision that their loyal, hardworking, and paying customers were not worth more than the fat bonus checks that they would receive once they shipped the 737 Max. I understand that we live in a capitalist world but we should not forget that capitalism is human driven and a business model that neglects their customers is one that fails. A business without customers is just an idea.

If you happen to work in the aerospace or defense industry, I implore you to consider the moral ramifications of your decisions. No matter the pressure you’re getting from your managers, stay true to fighting for your moral beliefs because that gives you the high ground (and we all know what happens once you have the high ground).